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Banana & Cinnamon Muffins

If you have some bananas that are going brown, you can always use them up in banana muffins (basically banana bread but in a muffin case). I like to make these as they are easy to pack in lunchboxes and for people to just grab on the go. Ingredients: 2 ripe bananas 125g melted butterContinue reading “Banana & Cinnamon Muffins”


Our No Spend January Review

As you may be aware if you saw my earlier post, we have been on a no spend January. We wanted to keep our spending to just monthly bills and groceries. Today, is the last day of our no spend and I wanted to update you all on how we got on. We did it!Continue reading “Our No Spend January Review”

Innovative Upcycle Ideas

Does anyone else get sucked down the Pinterest black hole? I love to explore the different content and find new ways to be frugal. My latest obsession is to discover innovative upcycle ideas. In this post, I will share some of the ideas I have found with links to the original posts for you toContinue reading “Innovative Upcycle Ideas”

Why I Switched to Bar Soap…

Bar soaps for showering and hand washing and shampoo soaps are far from a new thing, but you would be surprised how many questions I get asked when I say I’ve made the switch away from liquid shower gels and shampoos etc. One of the most common ones… ‘does it clean you properly?’ Yes, itContinue reading “Why I Switched to Bar Soap…”

No Food Waste Here

This blog post is all about preventing food waste. I have compiled a list of 10 perishable items and some simple ways to make use of them. Note: this post is in regards to food that is looking a bit sad and passed it’s best. Cucumbers A cucumber that is passed it’s best can beContinue reading “No Food Waste Here”

Hot Chocolate Spoons

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my posts about using up leftover Christmas chocolates. This also applies to the mountains of Easter chocolate that our children inevitably receive. One way to use up leftover chocolate before it expires is by making hot chocolate spoons. You can keep them for yourself orContinue reading “Hot Chocolate Spoons”

The Benefits of Meal Prepping

So, I have explained the benefits of meal planning in a previous post, but have you ever thought about meal prepping? Meal prepping is exactly how it sounds. You prepare dishes and snacks ahead of schedule to store in your fridge or freezer. Let me explain the benefits of meal prepping… Benefits of Meal preppingContinue reading “The Benefits of Meal Prepping”

50 Simple Ways to Save Money | Life on a Budget

Living within your means and cutting costs doesn’t have to be hard work. If you look at where the money goes within your household, you can find ways to cut back or be more energy efficient. The little things do make a difference, and pennies really do lead to pounds. I have compiled a listContinue reading “50 Simple Ways to Save Money | Life on a Budget”