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Cheap Party Favour Idea: With FREE Printable

Are you planning a kids party? Wondering what party favours won’t break the bank, but will keep everyone happy? Why not hand out popcorn cup/baggies? Popcorn is great because you can buy or make large quantities inexpensively. Disposable cups or cellophane / paper bags work well, and for that finishing touch, why not add oneContinue reading “Cheap Party Favour Idea: With FREE Printable”


Social Distancing Birthday Party Ideas

Now that lockdown restrictions have eased, many people are wondering how they can celebrate birthdays (especially children’s birthdays) whilst maintaining social distancing guidelines. I had a little think about this and wanted to share some ideas that may work for you or a member of your family. Teddy Bear’s Picnic Any picnic outside would beContinue reading “Social Distancing Birthday Party Ideas”