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Inexpensive Mother’s Day Gifts

It’s that time of year again. The time to show the mother figures in our lives that we appreciate them. If you are on a tight budget, these gifts are inexpensive, but would make any Mum happy. Quote Sign Shop Here. Coaster Shop Here. Wooden Ornaments Shop Here. Bracelet Shop Here. Toiletries Shop Here. ScratchContinue reading “Inexpensive Mother’s Day Gifts”

Cheap Party Favour Idea: With FREE Printable

Are you planning a kids party? Wondering what party favours won’t break the bank, but will keep everyone happy? Why not hand out popcorn cup/baggies? Popcorn is great because you can buy or make large quantities inexpensively. Disposable cups or cellophane / paper bags work well, and for that finishing touch, why not add oneContinue reading “Cheap Party Favour Idea: With FREE Printable”

Are You Prepping for Winter 22?

I am very aware of the energy price cap increases and how this will make winter particularly hard (UK). I have been gathering up some things and prepping for winter to lower our electricity usage where possible: Tips: Warm Yourselves Before Your Rooms Can you add layers and try to keep yourself warm before turningContinue reading “Are You Prepping for Winter 22?”

My YouTube Videos For Surviving the Cost of Living Crisis in One Place:

I wanted to compile links to all my YT videos that I think might be useful for the cost of living crisis we are all facing. I have been working hard on YT content, and I hope you enjoy my videos. Please, don’t forget to like and subscribe. How to Lower Your Energy Bill HowContinue reading “My YouTube Videos For Surviving the Cost of Living Crisis in One Place:”

Freezing Sandwiches

One thing I don’t let go bad is bread. My family do go through a lot of bread, so it never has a chance to get stale. However, if it doesn’t get eaten, or I find bread reduced in the supermarket, I like to ensure it gets used by making up sandwiches and freezing them.Continue reading “Freezing Sandwiches”

5 Quick ways to Save Money

A lot of people live paycheck to paycheck and wonder how they’ll ever be able to save money. I have 5 quick ways to save a little money on everyday bills and expenses, so you can start your savings journey. Negotiate Internet Services If you are not happy with your internet expenses, ring up andContinue reading “5 Quick ways to Save Money”

Free Books on Amazon

I am an avid reader and enjoy finding books at my library, in charity shops, and I also check Amazon for freebies for Kindle. I have compiled a list of books that are currently free on Amazon with links. *If you don’t use Amazon to read ebooks, but would like to, you can get theContinue reading “Free Books on Amazon”

Winter Money Saving Tips

I love winter. It is my favourite time of year, but with winter comes some extra costs. I have compiled a list on how to save money and cut costs during this season. I feel autumn is the best time to get ahead on some of these tips, hence why I feel now is aContinue reading “Winter Money Saving Tips”

15 Tight Budget Lunch Time Meal Ideas Part 2

With the kids still off school for a few more weeks (UK), I wanted to post another tight budget lunch time meal ideas post. Here are just a few more of the ideas my family enjoy. Cream cheese and tomato slices on crackers Scrambled eggs and toast Tinned soups Tinned hotdogs and rolls Cheese andContinue reading “15 Tight Budget Lunch Time Meal Ideas Part 2”

Frugal Ways to Keep Your House Cool

In the UK, air conditioning doesn’t really feature in our houses, but this post will benefit those of us trying to cool our house without spending out on fans, or anyone with AC that wants to try and cut that cost a little. Open Windows at Night If you feel safe to do so (andContinue reading “Frugal Ways to Keep Your House Cool”