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Scavenger Hunt- Free Printable (Countryside Edition)

After scrolling through my past posts, I realised I only ever made a printable version of my indoors scavenger hunt idea. I do have a post for various scavenger hunt ideas, but not a free printable. I plan to correct that today with a printable of my countryside hunt. I hope you will find someContinue reading “Scavenger Hunt- Free Printable (Countryside Edition)”

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

During self-isolation and lockdown the kids can go stir crazy. Having a catalogue of ideas to keep them entertained really helps. My idea for today’s post is one for everyone. I wanted to prove that you don’t need to have a garden or outside space to do a scavenger hunt. An indoor scavenger hunt isContinue reading “Indoor Scavenger Hunt”

Scavenger Hunt Printables

January can feel like a long month, especially in regards to finances. The kids still need entertaining, but when funds are tight it can be hard to think up ways to engage them and provide them with a chance to exercise. I have previously posted about scavenger hunt ideas. You can find my post here:Continue reading “Scavenger Hunt Printables”