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How to Host a Book Swap Party

Yes, book swap parties are a real thing! I got invited to one, and I want to share the brilliance with you. I think the concept behind these parties fits excellently with Sensibly Frugal Living’s message: you don’t have to spend a fortune to have fun, and second hand should not be scoffed at.

What better way to gain some new reads in exchange for some old ones than with a book swap? With e-readers growing in popularity, it is getting harder to sell second hand books, and the charity shops are inundated. A book swap party is the perfect way for book lovers to have a clear out.

“So, how do I host a book swap party?” I hear you ask. Get comfy, and I’ll tell you.

Choose a Day and Time

If it is an evening party, you could ask guests to bring a bottle to save you the cost. I prefer a Sunday afternoon party with tea and cakes. You can provide the tea and ask your guests to bring the baked goods.

Invite Fellow Book Lovers

Send invites to all your friends and family who enjoy reading paper back and hardbacks. Explain that they should bring only books they are wanting to part with. You could set an amount i.e. five books per person to make it fair.

A nice touch would be to donate any leftover books to a charity or community project. Check with your guests before doing this.

Display All Books on a Table

Ask your guests to add their books to the table as they arrive. This ensures the book swap will run smoothly.

Give Guests a Bag

If you have set a limit on the amount of books to bring, it might be a good idea to set a limit on how many your guests can take. Offer each guest a bag to fill with the books they want. This keeps your house tidy and helps your guests keep their books together.

Enjoy the Company

The party is not over just because the books have been exchanged. Encourage guests to mingle, and introduce those that might not know each other.

If you are donating the leftover books, why not sit all your guests down and make a group choice about where they should be donated.


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