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FREE Printable No Spend Tracker

I love a no spend challenge, especially if I’m trying to save money for something particular. I also like to have a visual aid for tracking my no spend days, so I made my own which I’m happy to share with you today. My tracker is simple but effective. Mark any star green for successfulContinue reading “FREE Printable No Spend Tracker”

Simple Wildflower Garden Gifts

Do you have budding gardeners in your family and friends circle? Do you want a cheap party favour idea? Why not make some wildflower pouches? A mix of various wildflower seeds, some of which you could possibly save from your own garden, makes a lovely, thoughtful gift. Cornflower seeds, sunflowers seeds, and calendula seeds areContinue reading “Simple Wildflower Garden Gifts”

What are Sinking Funds?

I have mentioned sinking funds on different occasions on this blog and have used them for a while. They are beneficial for saving for annual expenses that you know will be ‘spendy’ or something important you need to save for. If you haven’t heard of sinking funds, basically they are a saving tool to helpContinue reading “What are Sinking Funds?”

FREE School Uniform Sinking Fund Tracker Printable

I love trackers for keeping up to date with my sinking funds. I have a sinking fund for a lot of regular expenses in the year, one of them being school uniforms. Now is the time to get saving for that necessary expense every August/ September (UK). My tracker is one I designed to useContinue reading “FREE School Uniform Sinking Fund Tracker Printable”

FREE Memo Board Printables

I have the simplest of ideas for you that can be handy in your home or make perfect gifts… Memo printables. These are a great way of making reusable note pads/ memo boards for the family. I have even designed 2 for you to choose from. Pick your favourite (or both) and download! You canContinue reading “FREE Memo Board Printables”

Inexpensive Mother’s Day Gifts

It’s that time of year again. The time to show the mother figures in our lives that we appreciate them. If you are on a tight budget, these gifts are inexpensive, but would make any Mum happy. Quote Sign Shop Here. Coaster Shop Here. Wooden Ornaments Shop Here. Bracelet Shop Here. Toiletries Shop Here. ScratchContinue reading “Inexpensive Mother’s Day Gifts”

Super Smoothie

My kids love a super smoothie. Tastes like chocolate but hides spinach! Great for getting those nutrients into your children, and you will love it too. Ingredients Simple Instructions (more of an eyeball it recipe) Find me on: Facebook Instagram Youtube

FREE Valentines Quote Printables

Trying to save some money, but want to let your significant other know you are thinking of them this Valentines day? Check out my free printable quotes! You get both in one download (A4 size each). Print them out and pop your favourite (or both) in frames and you have a perfect gift! You canContinue reading “FREE Valentines Quote Printables”

FREE 2023 Bucket List Printable

Have you got any plans or goals that you want to achieve/ do in 2023? I always find a visual list can help you stay motivated. My free printable is a great way to solidify your goals and you can pop it up on a fridge or notice board for a constant reminder. You canContinue reading “FREE 2023 Bucket List Printable”

How My Cooking Has Changed 2023

The cost of living crisis has all of us looking at our expenditures and how we can save money. I have noticed changes in how I cook, some I’d never thought I’d say would work out cheaper, but sadly do. Here are the ways I have changed how I cook: Air Fryer, Slow Cooker, andContinue reading “How My Cooking Has Changed 2023”