15 Items to Repurpose into Planters

This is the time of year when many folks tend to focus on starting their spring gardens. I wanted to re-share this blog wit useful repurposing ideas!

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Do you want to liven up the garden, but don’t want to splash the cash on planters and pots? I’m here to tell you it can be done. You may have a potential planter sitting in the garage, or be able to pick something up for free that someone is throwing out. Giving items a new purpose is not only frugal but environmentally friendly.


Tyres can be easy and cheap/free to get hold of. You can paint them or leave them as is. Just place where you want it, fill with compost, and plant.

Plastic Paddling Pool

You know the ones I mean, the hard plastic ones that could been used for sand or water. Inflatable pools will not work in the long run.

Wooden Crates

Wine crates are perfect for this. They do need to be treated or they’ll rot. Also, if your crate doesn’t have holes in…

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Treat Your Time Like Money

Isn’t it quite something that we’d happily waste time but not our money? This post is all about appreciating what is the most important of the two, and how we can stop wasting our own time.

There is never enough time to do everything, but there is always enough time to do the most important thing.’ -Brian Tracey

How Can We Stop Wasting Time?

Know What You Value:

Are you after a rewarding career or a better work and home life balance? Knowing what is important to you, helps you plan how you use your time better. Do you need to take an extra class in the evenings or make sure you all spend a weekend away as a family each month?

Learn to Say No!:

If work is asking to much of you, or you feel like your family and friends are pulling you in multiple directions, remember to value yourself ad say no. It’s okay to need to do something for yourself. You wouldn’t let others force you to spend your money, so why your time?

Do What Makes You Happy:

Life is to short to be stuck in unhappiness. A toxic relationship, a job where you are being taken advantage of. Know your worth and get out of bad situations. Make room for hobbies, fun, and good people.

Don’t Procrastinate:

Start today. Whatever that means for you, don’t put it off until tomorrow. Someday may become never in a blink of an eye.

Create Deadlines & Time Limits:

Do you fall down the social media rabbit hole, or end up taking your work home with you? Set deadlines and time limits to ensure you’re not wasting time on your phone, or turn off email notifications after work and don’t turn them back on until your scheduled work time the next day.

Finally, take time today to do the most important task. Tell those close to you that you love and appreciate them!

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Spring Family Bucket List

A spring bucket list for the family- some great ideas for Easter weekend too!

Sensibly Frugal Living

Sunny spells, sudden showers, Easter holidays, and a sense of new life. That is what spring means to me. Get out and enjoy the warmer weather, even the wetter days, by creating a Spring bucket list! All of your activities can be free or inexpensive and you can still make the most of springtime as a family.

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on Pexels.com

Here’s my family’s Spring bucket list for 2019. It may be a little optimistic as my husband works full time outside of the home, but we’ll try to tick off as many activities as we can. Feel free to copy our list, or adapt your own list for your family.

Let me know if you plan out your family time for the weekends/ holidays. Will you be creating a bucket list this Springtime?


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Easter Tree

A cute, Easter craft idea!

Sensibly Frugal Living

It is Easter weekend, and I wanted to do a big, impressive craft with the kids. Easter won’t be the same this year for any of us due to social distancing, and as we usually have a family trip out on the Easter weekend, I am trying to think up lots of fun ways for us to get in the spirit this year.

A big craft idea for this year is to make an Easter tree. This is basically a painted branch to hold lots of fun crafts such as paper eggs etc. We were fortunate to have lots of old branches and sticks in the bottom of our garden, but there is no reason why you can’t make your Easter tree out of pipe cleaners or craft wire etc.

We first spray painted our branch. We only had purple spray paint, so that is what we used. I stuck…

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30 Easter Activity Ideas

Scavenger Hunt- Free Printable (Countryside Edition)

After scrolling through my past posts, I realised I only ever made a printable version of my indoors scavenger hunt idea. I do have a post for various scavenger hunt ideas, but not a free printable. I plan to correct that today with a printable of my countryside hunt. I hope you will find some benefit from this free printable with the Easter holidays approaching.

First, if you want to check out my previous scavenger hunt ideas, follow the links:

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt Ideas

You can download a copy of my countryside scavenger hunt here:

Happy Easter!!

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My YouTube Videos For Surviving the Cost of Living Crisis in One Place:

I wanted to compile links to all my YT videos that I think might be useful for the cost of living crisis we are all facing.

I have been working hard on YT content, and I hope you enjoy my videos. Please, don’t forget to like and subscribe.

How to Lower Your Energy Bill

How to Make Meals Stretch Further

Making Use of Perishable Food

7 Ways to Save when Living Paycheck to Paycheck

How to Meal Plan Successfully

Frugal & Natural Beauty Hacks

Budget Meals My Kids Actually Eat

Tinned Meals Challenge

Weird or Genius? Money Saving Hacks

Being Energy Conscious Part 1

Being Energy Conscious Part 2

Being Energy Conscious Part 3

Is a Need List What YOU Need?

33 Portions for £13.08!

Tips for Thrifting Gifts Part 1

Tips for Thrifting Gifts part 2

Frugal Cleaning Hacks

Tips for Building a Mini Stockpile

Cheapskate Hacks to Save Money

Tight Budget Freezer Top Up

Meal Prepping to Prevent Waste

Tips for Maximising Your Fuel

Grocery Shopping Hacks to Save Money

Saving Perishables from the Bin

£5 Grocery Challenge

Blanching & Freezing All the Things

Tips for Minimising Water Usage

Implementing Changes to Survive the Cost of Living Increase

Budgeting Misconceptions & Benefits

I hope these videos come in handy for you!

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Using Toilet Rolls as Starter Cells

Did you know that you could use toilet rolls as seed starter cells? The shop bought ones can be pricey, and if you are planning on starting lots of seeds, this recycled version may work out better for you.

All you need to do is cut the rolls in half and layer them in a large box or tub as seen in the picture above. Fill each cell with compost and pop in your seed to the appropriate depth. Water them lightly and keep them somewhere warm like a greenhouse or window sill to germinate for a few weeks.

When it comes to time to pot them on, you can transplant the whole cell into a larger pot if you wish! It is also just as simple to peel the roll away and recycle it.

You can watch my Youtube video on sowing my tomato seeds here: Sowing Tomato Seeds

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5 Free Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Free doesn’t have to mean second best. Put a little thought into your gift and your recipient will be just as happy.

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Mother’s Day is about expressing our love to the important women/ role models in our lives. If you buy for more than one such woman i.e. mum, step-mum, mum-in-law, grandmothers, then shop bought gifts can cost you a small fortune.

Why not express your love without spending a penny with these 5 thoughtful and free gift ideas?

Wild Flowers

One pretty bunch of flowers can cost you anything from £5 upwards. Picking wild flowers (where you are allowed, of course) is totally free, and you could end up with a unique bouquet.

If you want to add finishing touches, use whatever you can find at home. Wrapping the stems together in ribbon or twine gives the bouquet a rustic look. You can even wrap the bouquet in an old piece of gift wrap for the luxurious, florist effect.

Handmade Voucher

Do you want to gift a favour or two to…

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Free Mother’s Day Printable Quote

A beautiful quote popped in a frame makes a lovely gift!

Sensibly Frugal Living

Struggling to find a meaningful Mother’s Day gift on a tight budget? Fret no more, for I have made a quote printable for you to download and print for the special lady in your life. Whether you gift it as is or put it in a frame, I’m sure your Mother will appreciate the sentiment.

Download your free copy here:

If you would like to frame your picture, here is an inexpensive suggestion from Amazon *affiliate link:

Anker A4 Certificate Rounded Photo/Picture Frame, Fashion Silver, 21 x 29.7 cm


*Disclaimer: I am a member of the Amazon Associates program. This post contains affiliate links to products. At no extra cost to you, I may receive a commission for purchases made through these links


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