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20 Cheap Wedding Favour Ideas

I want to start this post in true sensibly frugal fashion by saying that the cheapest way to do wedding favours is to not do them. I don’t expect a favour when I attend a wedding, and can honestly say that I have never met anyone who has commented when there haven’t been favours at a wedding.

That being said, if you have your heart set on giving wedding favours, you don’t need to spend a fortune. I have compiled a list of 20 wedding favour ideas that will not break the bank.

  1. Hot chocolate baggies. Buy small, cellophane baggies online, fill will hot chocolate, and tie with a ribbon. Hot chocolate can be bought in bulk and split between many baggies.
  2. Pot pourri baggies. The cellophane baggies will work well for this, or little paper bags will add a rustic touch. If you make them into little parcels they can be placed inside drawers or closets.
  3. Donation. Donate to charity in lieu of favours. You can set yourself an affordable limit. You need not specify how much you donate, just give your guests a small note stating that you have donated to your chosen charity in lieu of favours.
  4. Sleep well pouches. Again, you can use small paper pouches, or you can make your own fabric ones. Fill each pouch with a little dried lavender. This can be placed under a pillow or hung on a bed frame.
  5. Homemade sweets/ chocolates. Truffles are a great, no bake treat to make in batch. Do enough so each guest can have two or three, and pop them into a little baggie and tie with ribbon.
  6. Lucky sixpence. You can bulk buy personalised lucky sixpence bundles on Ebay.
  7. Flavoured oil vials. All you need is olive oil, chili flakes, and miniature vials with stoppers. You can buy glass vials in bulk on Amazon.
  8. Actual favour vouchers. For a personal touch, why not print out vouchers for actual favours that are tailored to your guests? One dog walk for the busy friend with a dog. One car wash for your Uncle. One free babysitting evening for your friends. The list in endless.
  9. Seeds. A little something to grow as your love grows. You can buy in bulk and separate into smaller pouches. Include a little poem for added effect.
  10. Herbal tea leaves Buy loose tea leaves in bulk. You can use glass vials, cellophane, or paper pouches.
  11. Fortune cookies. Boxes of fortune cookies are available from your local supermarket. Present them individually in cellophane tied with ribbon.
  12. A family recipe. A favourite, family recipe printed onto card stock is a lovely, charming favour to receive. Better yet, why not include the recipe of what you ate on your first date, or the first meal one of you cooked for the other?
  13. Salt dough decorations. Salt dough is a cheap and easy way to make decorations. Small hearts would make great wedding favours. You could even paint them to match your colour theme.
  14. Sparklers. Sparklers make great wedding favours, especially if your wedding is outside. They are cheap and can be bought in bulk. If there are children at your wedding, why not provide them with glow sticks for safety?
  15. Raffle tickets. A quirky way to give favours and save money is by holding a raffle. Each guest receives a raffle ticket, and the raffle can be drawn after the meal. A bottle of champagne or gift card would make a good prize for the winner.
  16. Preserves. Get your jam making skills up to scratch to create rustic favours. Present them in mini jars with labels for prettiness. Chutneys and pickles would work just as well.
  17. A curry spice vial. Present a tasty blend of spices in a glass vial that can be used in a curry. Why not include a curry recipe with it?
  18. Popcorn. This may not scream wedding favour, but presented in pretty paper bags with a cute message i.e ‘From popping the question to our big day, thanks for being there along the way’, these can be a fun, cheap favour idea.
  19. Bookmarks. You can design your own bookmarks on free design sites such as You can use a simple quote or poem, or include a picture of yourselves and a thank you note for attending the wedding. Print out the bookmarks onto card stock.
  20. Personalised note. Print out small, note size cards that say ‘why we love you’ on the front. Inside, write a reason why you are happy to have that person in your lives. This only works if you know everyone in attendance. Plus ones may make this a tad awkward.

I hope this post has inspired you to get creative with your wedding favours. I’d love to hear your wedding favour ideas for weddings on a budget.


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