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FREE Memo Board Printables

I have the simplest of ideas for you that can be handy in your home or make perfect gifts… Memo printables. These are a great way of making reusable note pads/ memo boards for the family. I have even designed 2 for you to choose from. Pick your favourite (or both) and download! You canContinue reading “FREE Memo Board Printables”

Save & Make Money by Upcycling Furniture & Home Decor

The word upcycling can scare some people, especially those who are not very DIY minded, but you can save money (and even make money) by choosing simple upcycle projects. You don’t need to be wielding power tools to give something a new lease of life. Simple Upcycle Project Ideas Sand and paint a piece ofContinue reading “Save & Make Money by Upcycling Furniture & Home Decor”

D.I.Y Dog Toy

My Nan has a Bichon Frise who bites and tears through toys like paper. Buying replacements ends up costing a small fortune, and all that one use plastic and stuffing is not good for the environment. I have seen many of these dog toys online and thought I’d give it a go. The result wasContinue reading “D.I.Y Dog Toy”

Simple D.I.Y Hair De-tangling Spray

Many parents will know the struggle of brushing a child’s hair, especially if that child has longer hair. My daughter despised having her hair brushed. Seriously, I could show her a hairbrush and she’d run away screaming. That was before I learned a little trick to make a D.I.Y de-tangling spray. I’ve even used itContinue reading “Simple D.I.Y Hair De-tangling Spray”

Hand-Me-Down Upcycle: Iron Applique Patches

Hand -me- downs from relatives are much appreciated in my household because I have a daughter and a son and can’t pass on clothes from one to the other. We also pass on our old clothes within the extended family and friends. My daughter received a red rucksack in a bundle of items from aContinue reading “Hand-Me-Down Upcycle: Iron Applique Patches”

D.I.Y Carpet Deodoriser

Is your carpet smelling a little whiffy? Do you have kids running through the house with dirty shoes on, or pets that leave lingering smells? There is a simple, 2 ingredient (could be 1 ingredient if you so wish) D.I.Y carpet deodoriser that can help. You could save yourself a lot of money on shopContinue reading “D.I.Y Carpet Deodoriser”

Simple Bath Salt Tutorial

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that my eight year old and I made my husband some simple bath salts for father’s day. He enjoys a bath with his lotions and potions, and this was a nifty, awesome gift idea. I had a couple people ask me how we made them, andContinue reading “Simple Bath Salt Tutorial”

20 Cheap Wedding Favour Ideas

I want to start this post in true sensibly frugal fashion by saying that the cheapest way to do wedding favours is to not do them. I don’t expect a favour when I attend a wedding, and can honestly say that I have never met anyone who has commented when there haven’t been favours atContinue reading “20 Cheap Wedding Favour Ideas”

20 Simple and Cheap Book Day Costumes

Book day is fast approaching and that only means one thing… character costumes. Shop bought costumes can be pricey, especially if you have more than one child. With that in mind, I have compiled a list of simple and cheap costumes to make at home. I have even thrown in some bonus ideas to makeContinue reading “20 Simple and Cheap Book Day Costumes”