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Frugal Flan for Any Occasion

I am all for a no bake treat that can work as a dessert for the family or a gift to take to a party or gathering. My tried and tested flan is so simple, and it is frugal because you can get approximately 8 slices out of one (depending how greedy you are).


*prices correct on at the time of posting

  • Flan base £1.05
  • Whipping cream £1.50
  • Strawberries £0.97


  • Whisk your whipping cream until it forms stiff peaks
  • Spread evenly over the flan base
  • Slice the strawberries
  • Arrange the strawberry slices on top of the cream until it is all covered (see picture)
  • Keep refrigerated

Note: You can add vanilla essence to the cream if you prefer it a bit sweeter.

It really is that simple and cost effective to make a strawberry and cream flan. There really is no baking, and the end result looks pretty scrummy, right?


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5 thoughts on “Frugal Flan for Any Occasion

  1. Isn’t this “cheating” since it’s not made entirely from scratch? Lol Just kidding. 🤗 You remind me of the semi-homemade girl, Sandra Lee, who had a cooking show on Food Network. It was one of my favorite tv shows growing up.😊💕


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