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Valentines Date Night for Just £5

If you have a special someone in your life that you want to treat on Valentine’s day, then this is the post for you. I wanted to show you how you can have a special meal and film night for just £5!

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A fakeaway is the way to go for a frugal, Valentines meal. A vegetable stir fry is a quick, simple meal to recreate as a Chinese fakeaway. Tesco have a stir fry selection that we enjoy and it is just £2.50 for all three items:

*all prices correct at time of posing

Vegetable & beansprout stir fry mix:

Chinese stir fry sauce:

Egg noodles:


If you want to go down the wine route, you can get a bottle of Lambrini Bianco for just £2.50: If you are happy to stretch your budget, you can splash out a little more on your wine, but for the purpose of this post, Lambrini keeps the cost at just £5!

If you don’t drink, you can buy bottles of non-alcohol drinks such as Shloer for £2.20.


If you have done your math, you’ll see that there is zero budget for a movie night at home, but you can still make it happen for free:

  • Re-watch a movie you already have.
  • Borrow one from a friend or relative.
  • Check you library for free rentals.


I hope you have a lovely Valentine’s day with your loved one. Remember, it is about spending time with each other, not money.


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