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My YouTube Videos For Surviving the Cost of Living Crisis in One Place:

I wanted to compile links to all my YT videos that I think might be useful for the cost of living crisis we are all facing.

I have been working hard on YT content, and I hope you enjoy my videos. Please, don’t forget to like and subscribe.

How to Lower Your Energy Bill

How to Make Meals Stretch Further

Making Use of Perishable Food

7 Ways to Save when Living Paycheck to Paycheck

How to Meal Plan Successfully

Frugal & Natural Beauty Hacks

Budget Meals My Kids Actually Eat

Tinned Meals Challenge

Weird or Genius? Money Saving Hacks

Being Energy Conscious Part 1

Being Energy Conscious Part 2

Being Energy Conscious Part 3

Is a Need List What YOU Need?

33 Portions for £13.08!

Tips for Thrifting Gifts Part 1

Tips for Thrifting Gifts part 2

Frugal Cleaning Hacks

Tips for Building a Mini Stockpile

Cheapskate Hacks to Save Money

Tight Budget Freezer Top Up

Meal Prepping to Prevent Waste

Tips for Maximising Your Fuel

Grocery Shopping Hacks to Save Money

Saving Perishables from the Bin

£5 Grocery Challenge

Blanching & Freezing All the Things

Tips for Minimising Water Usage

Implementing Changes to Survive the Cost of Living Increase

Budgeting Misconceptions & Benefits

I hope these videos come in handy for you!

Content belongs to Sensibly Frugal Living





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