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The Stigma Around Buying Second Hand

With people being more environmentally conscious and looking to live more sustainably, the world is slowly moving toward being more frugal in the way we buy i.e. buying second hand over new items. However, there is definitely still a stigma around buying second hand items. Where does this stigma stem from? I believe that theContinue reading “The Stigma Around Buying Second Hand”

10 Tips for a Buffet on a Budget

Some occasions in life need celebrating: birthdays, christenings, anniversaries to name a few. Get-togethers are about the company and… the food. It is much cheaper to prepare your own buffet than to have a venue or outside caterers provide the food. Even then, a buffet can become costly. Fear not, I have put on manyContinue reading “10 Tips for a Buffet on a Budget”