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Fruit Cocktail Jellies on a Budget

My children love the little pots of jelly that have fruit cocktail pieces in them, but I begrudge paying 50p+ for one small pot when I can make many more of them at home for £1.55.

*I will include prices from in this post. These prices are accurate at the time of posting.

What you will need:

  • Make a home jelly pack (any flavour) £0.55p
  • 1 x tin of fruit cocktail in juice £1.00
  • Small dishes/ pots (even cleaned yoghurt pots would work)

You can use fresh fruit, but my daughter is adamant that only the fruit from a tin of fruit cocktail has the same taste and texture as the shop bought variety.


  • Simply fill your pots half way with the drained fruit
  • Make up your jelly to the instructions and pour over your fruit. Fill each pot to the level you want
  • Place in your fridge to set.
  • Once set, you can eat them as a treat or dessert. If you want to take them in lunchboxes, you must use pots with lids.

I made 6 pots for just £1.55. That is approximately £0.26p per pot.


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