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Inexpensive Mother’s Day Gifts

It’s that time of year again. The time to show the mother figures in our lives that we appreciate them. If you are on a tight budget, these gifts are inexpensive, but would make any Mum happy. Quote Sign Shop Here. Coaster Shop Here. Wooden Ornaments Shop Here. Bracelet Shop Here. Toiletries Shop Here. ScratchContinue reading “Inexpensive Mother’s Day Gifts”

Free Books on Amazon

I am an avid reader and enjoy finding books at my library, in charity shops, and I also check Amazon for freebies for Kindle. I have compiled a list of books that are currently free on Amazon with links. *If you don’t use Amazon to read ebooks, but would like to, you can get theContinue reading “Free Books on Amazon”

Back to School Amazon Items

With the children in the UK (and some other areas) returning to school in September, it is worth browsing Amazon for some back to school bargains. I have been doing just that and wanted to share some with you to cut the expense. I have tried to include most of the important items your childContinue reading “Back to School Amazon Items”

Amazon Homeschool Supplies I Rate

Homeschooling is new to many of us. I personally found, as we went along, that there were a few bits I had to buy to aid the process. I have shared some of these on Instagram, so I wanted to share them here. As you know, I am not one for spending money without scouringContinue reading “Amazon Homeschool Supplies I Rate”

Amazon Christmas Decorations on a Budget

if you are in need of some Christmas decorations, but don’t want to pay silly prices, then this is the post for you. I have scoured Amazon for what I believe are great prices to help you prep your house for Christmas on a budget. *affiliate links used Silver Baubles 24 Pack Mumustar Christmas BaubleContinue reading “Amazon Christmas Decorations on a Budget”

Amazon Autumn Bargains

With the start of a new season dawning, I wanted to throw some bargain buys your way. I haven’t done a post like this in a little while, so I hope you find some bargains for the season, or even to put some away as gifts for Christmas. *all the items are at bargain pricesContinue reading “Amazon Autumn Bargains”

Back to School on a Budget

Back to school buying can be damaging to the bank account. School uniforms (UK) can be incredibly costly, and that’s not to mention the extras such as lunchboxes, sports bags, pencil cases etc. I have a few tips to keep costs down, and at the end of this post you can find affiliate links toContinue reading “Back to School on a Budget”