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Free Gift Voucher Printable (Free Christmas Gift Idea)

Not only do I have a free Christmas gift idea to share, I am also offering a free printable to make things super simple for you.

Have you heard of I.O.U gift vouchers? Rather than giving gifts, you gift someone your time for things such as a free car wash or to do their laundry for a week etc. You can get creative and gift them whatever it is you think will help them out and that they’ll appreciate.

This sort of gift idea is perfect for people who don’t have any extra cash or are trying to save money. It is also a thoughtful, tailored gift that is more personal than shop bought.

I have put together a free printable of I.O.U gift vouchers (8 in total) for you to download and print. Simply fill in the details and gift to your loved ones.

Download yours here:

For best results, print on card stock.


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