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Why I Switched to Bar Soap…

Bar soaps for showering and hand washing and shampoo soaps are far from a new thing, but you would be surprised how many questions I get asked when I say I’ve made the switch away from liquid shower gels and shampoos etc. One of the most common ones… ‘does it clean you properly?’ Yes, itContinue reading “Why I Switched to Bar Soap…”

Simple Homemade, Reusable Baby Wipes

The panic buying is causing a shortage of essential items for parents of young children. One item that has been selling out in every store is baby wipes. If you are in need of baby wipes, or are worried you will run out, then this post is here to help. DIY reusable baby wipes areContinue reading “Simple Homemade, Reusable Baby Wipes”

Alternative Uses for Old Towels

Before you throw out or recycle your towels, ask yourself if you are getting the most use out of them. Can they be used in another way to benefit your home and pocket? Here is a list of 10 alternative uses for old towels: Cut up into rags and cleaning cloths. They are brilliant forContinue reading “Alternative Uses for Old Towels”