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DIY Reusable Make-Up Remover Pads

Make up remover pads can work out expensive over time and are not exactly environmentally friendly. If you are a regular user of the disposable pads and are looking for a frugal alternative that also benefits the environment, then read on… What you will need: Scraps of material (a towel or cotton t-shirts work well)Continue reading “DIY Reusable Make-Up Remover Pads”


Bleach Dyeing Clothes

This DIY bleach project will work on any darker coloured fabric, and is not limited to just t-shirts or even clothes. For the purpose of this post, we dyed a t-shirt and leggings for my kids and it was good fun to do. What you will need: Dark coloured clothes Household bleach Access to aContinue reading “Bleach Dyeing Clothes”

DIY Photo Frame To Do List

My 9 year old likes to write her school morning routine down, so I repurposed an old photo frame into a wipe clean to do list for her bedroom. It was incredibly simple to make, and I have made it simpler by creating a free A4 printable of our template for you to download. GetContinue reading “DIY Photo Frame To Do List”

Autumn Craft: Decoupage Candle Jars

I like making seasonal crafts with my children that can also double as decor. This candle jar craft is great for older children. My 9 year old really enjoyed this and asked to make more, which we shall do in the near future. What you will need: Clean jars PVA glue Paint brush A damagedContinue reading “Autumn Craft: Decoupage Candle Jars”

Inexpensive Upcycle of a Wicker Drawer Stand

I had a touch of luck when I came across wicker drawers for free on Facebook Marketplace. We had been looking for something similar for a while, and although the colour didn’t match our scheme, I quickly went to collect them. I couldn’t pass up a freebie. I also managed to get a free basketContinue reading “Inexpensive Upcycle of a Wicker Drawer Stand”

Simple Way to Press Flowers

My kids and I have been having great fun making crafts outs of pressed flowers. I will be sharing these crafts with you in the very near future, but first, I wanted to share the actual pressing process we use. It is so simple, you don’t need to order any fancy equipment. I just usedContinue reading “Simple Way to Press Flowers”

Simple Homemade, Reusable Baby Wipes

The panic buying is causing a shortage of essential items for parents of young children. One item that has been selling out in every store is baby wipes. If you are in need of baby wipes, or are worried you will run out, then this post is here to help. DIY reusable baby wipes areContinue reading “Simple Homemade, Reusable Baby Wipes”

20 Budget World Book Day Costume Ideas

With World Book Day fast approaching once again… didn’t we just have that?? I wanted to repost my list of budget costume ideas that are simple to create. 101 Dalmatians. An old white top with black spots drawn on in marker pen and a pair of black trousers. For added effect, you can draw onContinue reading “20 Budget World Book Day Costume Ideas”

DIY Recycled Desk Tidy

In this post, I am going to show you how to make a funky, practical desk tidy out of toilet paper tubes and plastic lids. It really is simple to create a useful item to store your pens and paper clips etc. This is especially handy for kid’s desks and encourages tidiness. What you willContinue reading “DIY Recycled Desk Tidy”

Save & Make Money by Upcycling Furniture & Home Decor

The word upcycling can scare some people, especially those who are not very DIY minded, but you can save money (and even make money) by choosing simple upcycle projects. You don’t need to be wielding power tools to give something a new lease of life. Simple Upcycle Project Ideas Sand and paint a piece ofContinue reading “Save & Make Money by Upcycling Furniture & Home Decor”