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How to Get Free Ebooks

I am a massive book lover, and I always get asked where I find free ebooks. I thought I’d let you in on some of my tricks: Search Amazon Top Free 100 Authors, especially self-published ones, want reviews or to get readers invested in a series. The best way to do this is offer yourContinue reading “How to Get Free Ebooks”

Free Books on Amazon

I am an avid reader and enjoy finding books at my library, in charity shops, and I also check Amazon for freebies for Kindle. I have compiled a list of books that are currently free on Amazon with links. *If you don’t use Amazon to read ebooks, but would like to, you can get theContinue reading “Free Books on Amazon”

5 Free Christmas Gift Ideas

Are you on the look out for some free Christmas gift ideas? Why not consider some of the ideas in this post to show your loved ones that you are thinking of them this Christmastime? I.O.U Gift Vouchers I.O.U gift vouchers are perfect. They save you money, but still enable you to give a giftContinue reading “5 Free Christmas Gift Ideas”