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10 Frugal Reasons to Grow Lavender

Not only is lavender a beautiful addition to your garden, there are other frugal reasons to grow lavender. Here’s my top ten: Lavender can be used in cooking. Using lavender as a baking spice can create tasty cookies and cakes. Lavender can be brewed as a tea to help you sleep. Pouches filled with lavenderContinue reading “10 Frugal Reasons to Grow Lavender”

20 Simple Ways to Lower Your Grocery Bill

Grocery shopping can be a huge weekly expense for families. When I heard that some of my friends spend over £100 a week for a family of four, I felt motivated to write this post. Did you know there are some simple ways to lower the amount you spend on your groceries? I have compiledContinue reading “20 Simple Ways to Lower Your Grocery Bill”