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How I Meal Plan- Includes Free Printables

I have previously done a post on why I meal plan: Benefits of Meal Planning, but I wanted to dedicate this one to HOW I meal plan. I get so many questions on this, and I always say it is not a one size fits all method, just find what works for you, but seeingContinue reading “How I Meal Plan- Includes Free Printables”


Book Review: Feed Your Family for £20 a Week by Lorna Cooper

Feed Your Family for £20 a week by Lorna Cooper 4/5 I follow Lorna and her page on social media, so was excited to hear she had a book available. The concept of the book may sound impossible to some, (it did to me too), but once I started reading, it was clear that LornaContinue reading “Book Review: Feed Your Family for £20 a Week by Lorna Cooper”

Making Ingredients Stretch

When it comes to saving money on groceries, it is not just about how you shop. You have to be a conscious cook and meal planner too. By this, I mean that making ingredients stretch and having a no waste approach to your meal plan is just as important. I have 5 tried and testedContinue reading “Making Ingredients Stretch”

Benefits of Meal Planning

If you are looking to save money on your groceries, save time wondering what you are going to cook each night, and cut the stress out of producing hearty meals for the family, then meal planning is the way to go. Why is Meal Planning so Important? Less waste. If you plan what you areContinue reading “Benefits of Meal Planning”

Effective Meal Planning

If you are meal planning, then you are already winning! Saving your money, time, and sanity just by planning your meals is a no brainer, but can you meal plan more effectively? I have a few tried and tested tips for ensuring your meal planning is top notch. Check Your Pantry Before you meal plan,Continue reading “Effective Meal Planning”