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Our No Spend January Review

As you may be aware if you saw my earlier post, we have been on a no spend January. We wanted to keep our spending to just monthly bills and groceries. Today, is the last day of our no spend and I wanted to update you all on how we got on. We did it!Continue reading “Our No Spend January Review”


No Spend January

After a heavy financial month in December and with the goal of buying a new-to-us car at some point in 2022, we are kicking of 2022 with a ‘No Spend January’. What is a No Spend Month? A no spend month is a month where you set yourself the challenge of not buying anything andContinue reading “No Spend January”

How to Have a No spend Year

What is a no spend year? A no spend year is exactly what it sounds like. Other than essential living costs such as groceries and necessary bills, you do not spend a single penny. It is not easy, and you’ll have to step up your frugal game, but it is possible. Why have a noContinue reading “How to Have a No spend Year”