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Saving Money on Professional Hair Cuts

I have titled this post using the word ‘professional’ because many people think being frugal is cutting out all unnecessary costs and that hair cuts is one of them, so they do DIY cuts at home. I believe being frugal is being wise with your money and making it stretch for the things you want/Continue reading “Saving Money on Professional Hair Cuts”

The Ins and Outs of a Side Hustle

I have had many people asking me what a side hustle is. Side hustles are a big deal in the budgeting and debt free community, and can be useful in helping you meet financial goals. So, buckle in for your lesson in side hustles and some side hustle ideas to get you started. What isContinue reading “The Ins and Outs of a Side Hustle”

How to Have a No spend Year

What is a no spend year? A no spend year is exactly what it sounds like. Other than essential living costs such as groceries and necessary bills, you do not spend a single penny. It is not easy, and you’ll have to step up your frugal game, but it is possible. Why have a noContinue reading “How to Have a No spend Year”

20 Simple and Cheap Book Day Costumes

Book day is fast approaching and that only means one thing… character costumes. Shop bought costumes can be pricey, especially if you have more than one child. With that in mind, I have compiled a list of simple and cheap costumes to make at home. I have even thrown in some bonus ideas to makeContinue reading “20 Simple and Cheap Book Day Costumes”